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Posted Apr 20, 2022
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There are several reasons why executives should be active on social media, to support their brand, growth and business. LinkedIn surveys indicate that executives´ social media presence, has a direct impact on the buyer´s journey, and the Edelman Trust Barometer finds that executives´ social media presence can build trust in a brand and a company, in a way that the brand or company alone cannot.

Other research describes how executive activity and presence on social media can help attract clients and employees, build pride and confidence amongst current employees, shareholders and investors, and grow business.

8,2 million executives are on LinkedIn today. But rather few of them are active, utilizing the platform to build trust, brand and growth. Why is that? In our experience, time and insecurity are the two main reasons. We feel that we don’t have the time, or we are unsure of how much time is required, and we don’t know where to start; what to talk about, how to communicate, who to focus on etc.

Source: Qnary, The Changing Face of Executive Reputation

As a long-lasting exclusive partner to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions in the Nordics, we have worked with many brands and executives in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Turkey, to help them get started. Get more active. Realize the value that lies in their LinkedIn presence and activity. – And we are more than happy to help you!

We do inspirational lectures, workshops or individual coaching and support ; whatever suits you and your executive team. We tailor the sessions to your goals and needs, but we never compromise on one thing; that your executive LinkedIn presence, is tied to business and brand goals and strategies.

We have local presence and market knowledge in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Turkey, and your executive presence sessions will always be led by our strategic team, supported by our local teams in the four countries. So you can speak your own language, address local challenges, reference profiles and brands, and be supported by relevant data and insights.

Feel free to contact us – no strings attached – and discover if we can support your executive presence goals and needs.

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