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Posted Oct 27, 2021
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From our Stockholm office, Tomas takes care of all our agency customers in both Sweden and Norway. He has a career in Floorball before moving on to sales and B2B, and one day in the future he could possibly become a writer.

What does an Agency Lead do at AdColony? What does a working day look like?

I would say it shifts depending on which part of the month/quarter we are in. But a lot is about simplifying the agencies’ daily work with their clients by helping to find the right support for them. In between, I try to make a reconciliation with each agency so that they have the latest information about the platform but also set up onboarding programs for their new colleagues. Being their first point of contact and trying “holding the doors” open. 

Tell us a little about your previous experience before AdColony, and how they prepared you for your role here?

Growing up, I found very little interest in Technology, and don’t get me started on maths… The big irony comes with my first B2B jobs being for a Tech Company and later moving on to work as a Sales Rep within Finance. But I learned a lot and found it quite fun!   In addition to very talented and kind colleagues here in the Nordics who helped/help me get into the role, AdColony as a company has been extremely accommodating from day 1. I would summarize AdColony as a very professional company, but with an even bigger heart for its employees.

How do you support the rest of your team and your customers?

What makes us a good team is a dedication and loyalty we have to each other. It’s about holding each other accountable for our actions and always trying to improve how we work. I try to contribute to that by looking proactively at what can be done, is there anyone that needs any help? do we have the latest information? But it goes both ways, and that is why I love this team. For our customers, It´s a lot about keeping a high pace. We work in a fast-moving digital world and a lot is about keeping the momentum by having short response times but also is about trying to figure out the next step for our customers. If they ask for a report I give them that report but also more information that I know they could need in the future. 

Many global AdColony employees still work from home. Do you have any tips for a successful working life from home?

With all due respect to the fact that AdColony’s employees have very different types of homes, I would place emphasis on creating a proper workplace, with a good chair and table. Partly to give your body as good physical conditions as possible, but also because you need to mentally let go of work. Of course, you can vary your workplace by lying on the couch/bed sometimes, but I think in the long run it can backfire and the feeling is that you are “surrounded by work” everywhere. As mental illness increases, I think more people need to see their work as a marathon rather than a 100m race. This hopefully means that more people will stay in their workplaces longer if they just dare to resist a little more and aim to do eg. three things a day REALLY GOOD rather than trying to have 10 projects at the same time. End the day with a moment of reflection to go through what you have done and what you are going to do tomorrow. Write it down if you must, but I think it gives you a bit of inner calm. 

What are your hobbies and leisure activities that you do on the weekends and alongside work?

Being a parent of two young boys answers that question quite easily… But if a gap occurs out of nowhere, I try to play Sweden’s new national sport “Padel” and go for longer walks. Also, I watch Hockey and Football when given the opportunity.

Tell us a few fun facts about yourself!

Well.. this was the most tricky question and not sure what counts as fun and not but here goes: 

Before I started my career in sales and B2B, I worked as a special instructor/teacher at a high school. Sport has shaped a large part of my life and given me many advantages in how to “build” a team spirit. I also have a great interest in sports psychology where I am mainly interested in what happens in group processes. It is of course possible to use the same methodology in ordinary working life. Are you still reading..? Hope so, because one of my dreams is to become a writer one day! What I’m going to write about and when? to be continued….

What are you most looking forward to in the next five years?

I think the pandemic taught us a big lesson in being humble and that we can’t take anything for granted. With that being said I look forward to visiting new places and seeing how the world adapts to all the changes being made. And regarding new places, I am already looking forward to attending a barbeque party in Austin Texas 😉 😉

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