Interview with a LinkedIn Agency Champion

Posted Nov 23, 2020
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This month we get to meet Jeppe Bjørnskov Rasmussen. As Senior Manager | Head of Programmatic at Precis Digital and an engaged Agency Champion, he is a highly valued partner for us at LinkedIn|AdColony.

– Could you please tell us a bit about your agency and what you do there?

Precis Digital is here to define the next generation digital marketing agency, and data, technology, and diversity is how we will make it happen. Our culture is at the core of everything we do, and we believe, the diversity and inclusion within our team enable us to make smarter decisions and to make them fast. I work as a senior manager at PD, where I manage our programmatic team, and through a large interest of the platform, I am also our LinkedIn lead, working on solutions on the platform for both B2B and B2C clients.

– What do you find most valuable for LinkedIn as an ad-platform.

Undoubtedly the unique targeting possibility is the key strength of LinkedIn, and moreover the insights available at the platform. Recent product launches have leveraged our way to work with ABM and B2B advertising with LinkedIn at the core of the strategies, and I have found some of the formats interesting for our B2C clients as well. Finally, the partnership with LinkedIn|AdColony which enables us to get sparring and stay on top of trends has really pushed us to use the full potential of the platform, and continuously explore new features.

– Share your thoughts on the Social Media platform for year 2021, what will be important?

Following the pandemic, I believe the need for brands to create sincere connections with consumers will be key, putting conversational marketing in the forefront. Information, engagement and social issues are driving engagement and future retention, and brands need to take a stand and actively having conversations with their consumers to build relationships and create sales. As a result, this is forcing agencies to advise more on the full customer lifecycle and not just until the point of sales, and to a larger extend actively use CRM data.

– Imagine Norways meets Denmark in football – which country do you support?

Whilst I do love Norway, I would of course cheer for Denmark to win! Easy side to take with the Danish team being far superior, so I would still cheer for Norway doing well hehe.


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