Interview with a LinkedIn Agency Champion

Posted Jan 20, 2021
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Tanja Rybak

Next in line in our interview series, we find Tanja Rybak. Working as a Digital Specialist at the Agency Dentsu, Tanja also spends a lot of time in France.

Hej hej and bonjour!

You work as a Senior Paid Specialist at Dentsu, tell us more about your daily work?

My days at Dentsu are hectic, but a lot of fun as I’m lucky enough to work with fantastic team colleagues and really great clients and client teams.

As anyone reading this newsletter will know, working in paid media means your days can look very different depending on the time of year (Q4 anxiety is for real!) but most of my days are spent working on helping my clients navigate the social media landscape, advising on content and setting buying strategies adapted to their brand- and business goals.

I’m a planner and a buyer so I’m also responsible for booking, optimizing and following up the campaigns I work on.

Being a senior specialist means I also get to go out and lecture in schools, for clients and other agencies in our network, assist in pitch work and try to coach my team colleagues to help them in their development (honestly, they coach me just as much ❤)

Working with LinkedIn as one of your social channels, what do you find is best and the “worst” with the platform?

Quite a few of my clients are investing more and more into their B2B activities on social, and so far LinkedIn provides the best targeting options for us to reach the intended audiences. I am missing a bit of flexibility when it comes to formats in campaign builing as well as a more visual reporting tool.

Looking back at 2020, what are your thoughts on the Agency Champions program? 

It’s been great to have the program continue and I appreciate the efforts made by you guys! The quizzes and competitions have kept it light and fun. Going into 2021 I think it would be a great idea to keep online sessions smaller and market specific in order to encourage participation.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

A drink in a crowded bar followed by some, not good, but enthusiastic dancing 


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