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Posted Nov 9, 2020
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With 710 million registered profiles, LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional platform. A growing membership and increased consumption of content also creates a number of opportunities for Norwegian and international advertisers. The advertising platform is becoming more advanced to help ensure that the right content is exposed to relevant target groups. Below you will find the latest updates that will contribute to this.

1. Multiple retargeting features

Retargeting is a way to get in touch with members who have previously shown interest in your ads. The advantage of this is being able to increase brand awareness as well as increase engagement.

4 different retargeting opportunities have been launched. Some of these were launched a while ago, while others are soon available in all accounts. The new retargeting options are:

  • Lead Gen Form
  • Video Views
  • LinkedIn Page
  • LinkedIn Events

a. Lead Gen Form 

With Lead Gen Form retargeting, the advertiser can create their own audience based on those who have opened a Lead Gen Form (including submissions) or people who have responded to the form. The advantage is that the advertiser can direct content towards those who have shown interest, but also too those who may not have been completely ready to complete the desired action. For the advertiser, this provides the opportunity to expose the target audience with marketing that motivates them to complete the action.

b. Video views

Does the company use a lot of video content in their advertising on LinkedIn? The advertiser can now create audiences based on the percentage of completed video the target group has seen. For the advertiser, this provides the opportunity to manage the right content based on how mature and receptive the target audience is. This in turn can affect engagement, which is positive for both the advertiser and the target audiences.

One of the most popular questions is the percentage of completed video that is recommended to create a retargeting audience of. There are several factors that come into play, including how many views the video has generated but also how much of the video the target group needs to see before the message and content are received and understood. Based on this, it will be easier to assess what percentage of the retargeting group the group should consist of.

c. LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn Page is the company’s store window. Whether the traffic comes organically or from paid ads, there is now an opportunity to create two different targeting options for the actions that have been taken on the company page:

  • Members who visit the company page
  • Members who have clicked on a “CTA button” in the title of the page, like these:

d. LinkedIn Events

LinkedIn Events is one of the most important updates that have come in 2020. LinkedIn saw a large proportion of companies that used this feature with both online and offline events. Based on this, the possibility of re-targeting is made available based on members who have registered as participants in the event.

All the new retargeting opportunities are available under the “Matched Audiences” category in Campaign Manager:

Here you can find the retargeting options

It is worth noting that all retargeting audiences that are created require a minimum of 300 unique user, which can take up tot 48 hours. When ready, they can easily be included in a campaign:

2. New image and video ad formats

a. Sponsored content – Vertical and square images in the feed

For sponsored content, single image ads, it is now possible to upload square (1:1) and vertical (9:16, 2:3, 4:5) image ads for display in the feed. For a more complete and better user experience, vertical and square image ads will no longer display with gray sidebars.

b. Simplified video ad specifications

With Stories available on LinkedIn, there has been a simplified update in relation to video specifications.

  • Directly sponsored video content requires an aspect ratio of 1.778 (horizontal / 16:9) and 0.5652 (vertical / 9:16).
  • Directly sponsored video content must also have dimensions between a minimum (640) and height (360), as well as a maximum width (1920) and height (1920).
  • To calculate the aspect ratio, divide the width by the height.

3. Bulk upload in Campaign Manager

LinkedIn is in the process of updating all advertising accounts with a separate function called “Bulk Action”. This will allow you to create and manage a large number of campaigns using a CSV file, to save time and work more efficiently.

Here are 5 options for how to create a large number of campaigns:

  • Export all: Export all campaigns in an account or campaign group in a CSV file for further editing or duplication.
  • Export selection: Export only selected campaigns from the “campaign” level in a CSV file for further editing or duplication.
  • Import file: Here the CSV file is reloaded to the Campaign Manager for further processing. Note that it must always be imported from the account where changes are to be made.
  • Download template: Here you can download a template to create campaigns from the start. Note that it is important to fill in all the requirements that have been stated.
  • View import history: History of past actions.

4. New segmentation options

There are now some new options under “ Interests and personality traits”, and LinkedIn as the only platform can offer these options on a large scale:

  • Recently Switched Jobs: Members who recently switched their jobs(either to another function within the same company or another company)
  • Open to Relocation: Members who are looking at jobs or opportunities that are in a different region (city or country).
  • Open to Relocation (Domestic): Members who are looking at jobs or opportunities that are in a different city
  • Open to Relocation (International): Members who are looking at jobs or opportunities that are in a different country.
  • Ex-pat: Members who work in a country that is not where they were educated (college or high school)

5. Stories on LinkedIn

Finally, Stories is available on LinkedIn! Here, content in the form of photos or videos can be easily shared as an individual or as a company, where it will be available for 24 hours.

Finally, Stories is available on LinkedIn! Here, content in the form of photos or videos can be easily shared as an individual or as a company, where it will be available for 24 hours.

So how should Stories actually be used on a platform like LinkedIn? Here you have 3 tips:

  1. Share insights, tips and expertise that are relevant to your network and follower: LinkedIn is a platform where knowledge is in focus and therefore short sequences with insights and tips can be easily shared and disseminated.
  2. «Real time» events: Since stories have a short lifespan, this can be used to show and promote major events and happenings, for example from a webinar or a product launch.
  3. Interact with followers and members: Use stories for a Q&A session where relevant questions are answered and shared.

LinkedIn is constantly updating the platform and there are several exciting and useful features to be expected in near future. We will keep you up to date, and as always – do not hesitate to contact us for questions.

Oliver Dypedal & Oguz Vural /Performance manager  og Client Solution Manager / AdColony – exclusive LinkedIn Marketing Solutions representatives in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Turkey

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