Planning to pause your LinkedIn Marketing activities over Christmas? Data suggests you may want to reconsider.

Posted Dec 2, 2021
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Many marketers and brands tend to stop their marketing activities on the LinkedIn platform over Christmas and New year, based on perceptions that professionals don’t spend time at all online during the holidays. But LinkedIn data on the European market suggests you may want to rethink a pause this year.

LinkedIn data may dispel the low-value-myth of the holiday advertising season

We have analyzed historical engagement and costs amongst audiences in the European market to understand what you could expect this year, and found that Christmas could be a great time to maximize cost efficiencies while reaching your audience.

In fact, the weeks around Christmas and New Year seem to deliver some of the most outstanding results for LinkedIn ad campaigns – but many marketers miss out on the opportunity because they’re thinking about their audience’s time and attention in the wrong way.

In the European market we see a notable increase in click-through rates (CTR), and a significant drop in Cost Per Click (CPC) over the holidays. A possible reason for this may be that fewer advertisers are on the platform during the holidays, offering lower competition for those who are, both in terms of attention and bidding auctions. So although data indicates that there is a drop in overall activity and engagement over Christmas and New Year, it appears that those who do engage, engage deeper, spending more time consuming content during the holidays. This can provide campaigns a unique opportunity to increase reach and influence at a significantly reduced cost. Brands that takes the advantage of staying relevant and top of mind are more likely to get in front of the right people.

Now, isn’t that an excellent opportunity to build brands and influence choices?

Source: LinkedIn Seasonality Report EMEA 2020. Analysis is performed on a weekly basis and compares 16/Dec/2019 – 06/Jan/2020 with 30/Sep/2019 – 16/Dec/2019

Always-on to meet the B2B buying behavior and prepare for 2022

We know all the more about the B2B buying behavior. We know that close to 90% of buyers prefer doing their initial research anonymously. We know that at any given point in time, only 5% of B2B buyers are actually in the market. The remaining 95% are not – but will possibly be at a later stage. Being always on, building our brand and core messaging with our audience is essential in terms of being top of mind when they do move in to the market, or when they do their initial research on their own. 

The most successful brands nurture their audience throughout the entire purchase journey, so continuing to stay active and top of mind is key. Going dark for periods might result in missing a great opportunity to share your message with your audience.

Still thinking about pausing your activities over the holidays? Here is one final fact to consider: When you pause your activities more than 7 days on LinkedIn, you lose your Quality Score and will not have the same priority in the algorithm or the same opportunities in the bidding auctions. 

So, not only does Christmas provide an opportunity to reach your audience at a slightly lower CPC, it also prepares you for success in 2022, both in terms of the algorithm and as an opportunity to nurture your audience towards action in the new year. 

Thus, if you are looking to maximize marketing value, this could be a great time to advertise.

Happy holidays! 

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