Age of Agility – Expect the unexpected. Prepare to adapt.

In their latest global tech buying survey, LinkedIn looked for the most significant changes to the buying journey and how we as Marketers should respond to that. To take you through the report and lead a panel discussion on these findings, we have invited the Senior Client Solutions Manager for the Global Strategic accounts in LinkedIn : Aneta Francis

The key takeaways from this webinar are:

  1. Buyers are spoilt for choice, on the lookout for new solutions and open to challenger brands
  2. The IT departments aren’t the all-powerful gatekeepers anymore, remember the whole buying committee
  3. Post-sales support is a major differentiator in an increasingly competitive market
  4. Buyers have become your brand
  5. Brands risk not reaching their full potential if they focus too heavily on lead generation

For our panel we have invited:

This is the era where business resilience is key. 2020 propelled us into a new normal, with analysts now predicting that business resiliency will be the key differentiator of the 2020s.

We’re calling it the Age of Agility.

In its 7th year, LinkedIn’s largest survey of B2B tech buyers lays out a new and dynamic landscape in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, delving deeper into five key trends for technology marketers. These insights can fundamentally support you to protect and grow your businesses in the Age of Agility.

You can find the recordings of the webinar here, and you can download the presentation by filling out the form on the side of the page.


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