LinkedIn webinar – Key tips to earn the trust of the communities that matter most to your brand.

Why is trust important? It impacts the bottom line.

According to Accenture’s Competitive Agility Index Score, “to be truly competitive, your company must look at trust as a critical component of your business strategy”.

In this Masterclass, Lara Julio share with you, and explore how to embed trust as the backbone of everything you do on LinkedIn, including:

  • How LinkedIn is making foundational investments to improve customer value over time.
  • The formula for understanding how you can earn trust over time.
  • The importance of maintaining an active executive presence on social, and how that has a direct impact on the buyer’s journey.
  • The key releases to help you understand and engage with your community – pages improvements, stories and more.
  • How building communities and earning their trust can help you drive growth over time.

You can download the deck by finishing the form on this page, and the recordings are available to view here.