Master your Content Strategy and Build your Brand on LinkedIn

Making the case for investing in brand building can be difficult for marketers, especially when so much of the industry is hooked on hyper-targeted lead generation activity at the bottom of the funnel. Join us to hear why the argument for investing in brand is a compelling one and how companies that do so are winning on LinkedIn.
We will especially take a look into how the global engineering group Sandvik works with emotional and technical storytelling to reach a quite picky core target audience on LinkedIn.

To lead this session we have invited Jonathon Palmer from LinkedIn’s Content Solutions Consultants team. He works with LinkedIn’s most valued customers on building marketing and talent strategies that create better, bolder content and deliver business results. He is an experienced marketing strategist with a twenty year track record of helping companies build their brand, own their space and embed themselves in their customers’ lives, and regularly coaches leaders across the C-suite on building their personal brand.

Pauliina Lunde is the Global Communications and PR Manager at Sandvik. She is an experienced digital communicator and have worked in three different industries: B2B IT, Consumer electronics and now industry & engineering.

From AdColony we have Tina Rødahl, VP LinkedIn Partnership EMEA to join the conversation and discuss the topic and questions that come up along the way.

You can watch the recorded session here and you can see the video from Pauliinas presentation here: Life-changing innovations | Sandvik

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